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Business Eye Features List 2016



Copy Deadline: 18th January

Publication Date: 25th January


Business Leaders Forum: Predictions for 2016

Eye on Agri-Food: NI Year of Food & Drink


Copy Deadline: 13th February

Publication Date: 23th February     


Eye on Finance for SMEs

Business Leaders Forum: Are there more opportunities for finance available to businesses?

Small Buusiness Awards launch


Copy Deadline: 16th March

Publication Date: 26th March


Eye on Energy, Waste & Environment

Eye on Employment Law & Dispute Resolution


Copy Deadline: 18th April 

Publication Date: 28th April        


Eye on Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Leaders Forum: What can be achieved by engaging in effective corporate social responsibility?

Eye on Cross Border trade


Copy Deadline: 17th May                                 

Publication Date: 27th May


Eye on Export

Business Leaders Forum: Export... the exporting figures from NI continue to be disappointing.  How do we reverse the trend?

Eye on IT & Technology



Copy Deadline: 17th June

Publication Date: 27th June    


Eye on Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Eye on Executive Search & Recruitment


Copy Deadline: 12th August

Publication Date: 22nd August  


Profit 200 (a look at the top 200 most profitable companies in NI)

Eye on Engineering & Manufacturing


Copy Deadline: 16th September                       

Publication Date: 26th September


Eye on Risk Management & Security

Eye on Tax & Accounting

Eye on Education


Copy Deadline: 18th October            

Publication Date: 28th October


Eye on Commercial Property & Construction

Eye on Corporate Law


Copy Deadline: 2nd December

Publication Date: 12th December   


Eye on Recruitment

Eye on Telecommunications

UTV Business Eye Awards Feature