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Moire Barrett, Fujitsu

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My first job was…


Before Fujitsu, I was a Product Development Manager for a local IT company that specialised in video imaging and access control solutions, with a world-wide customer base.


I joined Fujitsu, Northern Ireland in 1999 (or ICL as it was then) as a Business Consultant. This was a fantastic opportunity as I worked with some very experienced and technically brilliant colleagues to understand customer requirements and translate these into viable IT solutions. I then moved into a Bid Management role and worked closely with the Sales and Delivery teams to put together compelling deals, in challenging timescales, to win new business within a very competitive marketplace.


The natural progression was to my current position as a Delivery Executive where I have responsibility for bids and the delivery of projects and managed services to a number of local customers. As part of this role I am responsible for the provision of a diverse range of ICT solutions; these solutions range from bespoke business critical applications to a full managed service covering everything from: networks, desktops, printers, corporate and line of business applications, Email, security and storage; hosted in local data centres or in the Cloud.



The person who taught me to succeed was…


My mother who instilled in me that ‘you only live once’ and that by working hard and being armed with a good education and constantly learning, your chances of success are substantially increased.


She always stressed the importance of respecting others and to be resilient and strong when you know you’re doing the right thing, even when times are tough or when others may not always agree. Her favourite poem is ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling and it really captures the essence of the advice she gave me and this has helped me to succeed throughout in my career.



My business mantra is…


Honesty is everything. Dealing honestly with customers, colleagues and partners builds mutual respect and trust and customers need to know that if you promise something that you’re going to deliver.


Customers have confidence that, at Fujitsu, we will tell them the way it is and this gives them the confidence to plan for the implementation of complex IT solutions - with a degree of certainty around timelines, costs and risks. Every day is different; there may be a new piece of business that needs to be specified or there may be a service issue which needs to be addressed immediately to prevent an impact on a customer’s business operations. We all have differing work pressures but are always open and honest to ensure we achieve the best outcomes. We also find time to support each other, even though timescales and budgets are often challenging.



It’s all changed since I started out…


When I was at Queen’s University Belfast in the 1980s it was obvious that IT was starting to play an important role in everyday life and, although I initially studied for a Joint English and History degree, I soon decided that the MSc in Computer Science would greatly extend the career opportunities that would be available to me.


The IT business is one that is continually evolving and when I think of the ‘green screens’ and ‘mainframes’ that were commonplace when I first started, and how these have been replaced by the rich graphical interfaces and complex solutions available today, the rate of change is astounding.


There are so many different facets to IT, encompassing: hardware, software, networks, data and systems. The biggest change however is that customer needs drive everything and therefore every customer implementation is different. I am continually learning about new technology and the many ways that it is applied and how it can deliver tangible benefits to everyone in the world of business and society in general.


In 10 years the world will…


Be connected like never before. At Fujitsu our vision is for a ‘Human Centric Intelligent Society’ which brings together the physical and digital to deliver greater benefit across society. We are entering into the era of the ‘Internet of Things’, where pretty much everything in our lives at home and work will be connected, allowing for much more human focused solutions. As part of a company who is at the forefront of that future, it promises very exciting times ahead.


My one business regret is…


Although it may have been challenging and interesting to have owned my own business at some point, I have been extremely lucky in my choice of career and have no real regrets.


Working for a leading global IT company, with responsibility for a number of major Accounts, has given me the autonomy to make decisions and reap the rewards associated with delivering solutions that make a significant positive contribution to our customers’ businesses. In today’s challenging business climate, having access to the support structures and top class people and technology that Fujitsu provides, considerably reduces the stress and uncertainty that undoubtedly would come with running my own business. This allows me to perform higher value, more enjoyable activities such as spending more time with my customers and my work colleagues to maximise investments and plan for further improvements.



I couldn’t start the day without


A cup of coffee and checking emails. I usually have my Fujitsu laptop and phone with me whether I am in the office, visiting customers or just socialising with friends and family as it helps me stay connected.